Friday, March 16, 2007

Almost 2 Months.....

Monday will be Silas's 2 Month birthday.

He's started getting some reddish skin rash. It started on his face, and now his whole front body has grown little bumps here and there. Silas's older sister, Tamara, also had this when she was a few months old, so no worries here. Silas will eventually grow out of his rashes.
One other development was that Silas seems to have the ability to intentionally smile. Most newborns do not have full control of their facial muscles, so sometimes when it looks like they are smiling, they are actually having involuntary facial muscle contractions. However, with Silas, there were two separate occasions where Mommy and Daddy made faces at Silas, and he responded by smiling ! So it is Daddy's belief that Silas can control his facial muscles now.

Yet another development is that Silas has started to learn how to stand up. He can almost support his own weight with his own two feet. Certainly his neck muscles are getting stronger now, it will be less than a month's time before he can fully support his own neck.