Sunday, April 8, 2007

Update: Week11

Silas now weighs just over 14lbs.
Silas can now lift his head up while lying on his stomach (but his daddy forgot to take a picture of him in action - maybe in the next update).
Silas has also started to salivate - quite a bit actually, and now requires a bib.
Silas's hair stinks, and his hair now needs to be shampooed every other day.

The greatest thing is how Silas can now sleep over 6hrs through the night. He is helping his parents out tremendously by sleeping for so long.
Also, because of various issues related to Silas's Mummy, Silas is no longer nursing, and feeds exclusively on formula. His feeding has noticeably decreased. Up until about a week ago, Silas would feed up to 30oz. per 24hr period. In the past few days though, he has fed only about 20-24oz. per day. Silas would inform his parents of the reduced feeding by barfing up the extra milk. His parents are now very sensitive, and no longer tries to feed Silas too much milk.
One other strange turn of events is that Silas actually prefers to sleep on a regular bed. Prior to this discovery, Silas would act fussy when placed into his crib. His Daddy would always have to rock him to sleep, and made sure he was already asleep before placing him into the crib. Now, his daddy just places him into the bed while he is still drowsy, and he falls asleep on his own. Silas's older sister Tamara also preferred sleeping on a bed instead of in the crib.
Silas is increasingly becoming a low maintenance baby. The only time he cries are when he is sleepy and when he is hungry. His daddy is already thinking of other ways to make Silas even more low maintenance - maybe shave him bald so that he does not need to be shampooed ??