Monday, January 22, 2007

What's In a Name?

The young girl holding Silas is his older sister, Tamara (君 庭).
Silas's chinese name is (宗 庭). The literal interpretation for this name is "ancestor of this family." The intended interpretation is that Silas is the next pillar carry on the family heritage. Since he is Tamara's brother, chinese custom dictates that they share a common character in their name (庭). This character is one of the two characters used for describing "family".

The name "Silas" came from the Bible. In the Bible, Silas accompanied Paul in his missionary journeys to Antioch and Galatia. Silas was very well educated for his time, and transcribed many of Paul's teachings, the most notable of which was his transcription of Paul's 2 letters to the Thessalonians, which became a part of the Bible. Silas also acted as scribe for Peter, and his document of Peter's teaching formed the Epistle of Peter in the New Testament.

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