Monday, February 5, 2007

This Guy Can Hurl

Do not be so easily deceived by the innocent looking face, because Silas has learned the art of hurling. We are not talking about some leftover milk dribbling down the side of his mouth. Nein, we are talking about projectiles being launched with high velocity out of his mouth.
After his double feeding, Silas usually would be held upright over his parent's shoulder and burped. However, on several distinct occasions, the burp was delayed. There was a heaving noise, and a wheezing noise. And then a big coughing noise, and before you know it, Silas's dad smells of milk barf. And rest assured, it is nothing like the curds and whey of which Little Miss Muffet is so fond.
Consequently, Silas's parents have now become more tenative and cautious when feeding his second meal. New feeding techniques and strategies have been developed to counteract this hurling as a result. It is only by great fortune that Silas has not yet learned how to use this as a weapon against his parents to demand what he wants.

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