Friday, March 9, 2007

Update - Week7

In the past 7 weeks in addition to nursing from Mummy, Silas has consumed one of this (365g can):
And is now on his third can of this (1090 g can):
As a result, Silas has grown from this:

to this:

And as of last Wednesday, he weighs 12.76 lbs. Some recent accomplishments include being able to stand up for a few seconds at a time:

Being able to support a 4oz bottle with his own mouth:

And, Silas almost able to support his own neck without the help of his parents. He can also recognize his parents. When Silas's mother claps her hands, and walks around the room, Silas is able to turn his head to follow where his mother is walking.

Oh yeah, and Silas often honks when he is sleeping.


Fianna said...

aha - that's a great comparison shot albert! hey, am i the only one who's writing here?! wth :( and ya got some veiny arms there

anyway just to let you know, our skype fone is kaputt for now since my PC has been reborn into a fully functioning Mac OS (don't ask). so we'll have to wait till next month when we can get a new skype fone set since it's incompatible with my identity-confused computer. well, i do havae a microphone, but it's so much nicer to have a handset to walk around with. hope everything's fine your way otherwise.

Phileo said...

Hi Fi,

Nah, I'm the other one who's writing here, it's just the two of us!