Saturday, April 21, 2007

Month 3: The Virtues of A Low Maintenance Baby

Silas has learned to stand up, and can almost support his own weight. He is also learning to sit up on his own, and will probably be able to reach this milestone within a month. In addition to his drooling, he has also started to develop the undesirable habit of chewing or sucking on his fingers. Silas's dad occasionally entertains thoughts of sprinkling red hot chili pepper powder onto Silas's fingers, just as an experiment......

Silas celebrated his 3rd month birthday by sleeping for 8.5hours straight, from 10p to 630a. His parents are ever so grateful that he is able to sleep so long without requiring a feeding. He is also starting to nap at more regular intervals - once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening.
He now eats approximately 5-6 oz of formula every 3.5-4hrs, starting at 630a, and skipping the 230a feeding. Silas has given his parents very little trouble. He is relatively easy to take care of.
Silas recently attended another baby's One-Month party. He was awake for much of the time, and was completely fascinated with the bright lights, noise from the chatter at the various tables, and stared at almost everyone at his table. He allowed everyone to have a chance at holding him, and not once did he complain about the noise, or all the strangers who held him. Of course, everyone at his table praised him for his good looks. He responded by showing off his new found skill - giving everyone the raspberry !!
Silas's vocabulary now includes:




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